• Jorge E. Rodriguez Jr

    Assistant Vice president

    Graduated in 2008 in Political Science at the University of Miami. He is currently responsible for the design, development and implementation of computerized information systems and supervision of company accounting.He has worked at the company since 2008.
  • Eduardo Alemán

    Journalist-On Air Personality

    Professional with experience doing promotions, voice-overs, impersonations, production and direction of media in Venezuela and the United States. He has held different positions in the world of communications since 1990.
  • Aaron Glantz

    On Air Personality

    Started his radio career at a young age and received his diploma as a professional speakers at the University of Salvador. Professional journalist, he served as conductor at Radio Rivadavia, Buenos Aires Radio, Radio City and Radio Argentina for over 20 years.
  • Yamileidy Hernandez

    Executive Assistant

    Executive Assistant to the President, with several years of experience in La Poderosa and Cadena Azul.
  • Ninoska Rodriguez

    Traffic Manager

    Bachelor's Degree in International Business from the Autonomous University of Honduras. Business expert and public accountant.
  • Sira D. Galan

    General Sales Manager

    A respected veteran of the Agency/Media Industries with over 40 years of experience.  
    Started her career in NYC – worked at El Diario-La Prensa as Sales Assistant; WNJU-Ch. 47 as Traffic Manager; Caballero Spanish Media was instrumental in developing/creating the Radio Network ;  Conill Advertising as Senior Media Supervisor.
    In 1978, moved to South Florida where she worked at  J. Walter Thompson Advertising Agency instrumental in becoming the Agency of  Record for the U.S. Hispanic market for the Kraft account for the Miami office; WQBA-AM1140  Susquehanna – Account Executive, WAQI-AM710 – General Sales Manager; Galan & Associates – Promotion and Coop Advertising Agency; Zubi Advertising, Sr. Media Supervisor – over 12 years – retired in 2009. That year she became a sales media consultant for different media such as:  EMPG Media, Telemiami, CNNLatino, Azteca America.
    Sira’s passion for the Hispanic media environment led her to join Fenix Broadcasting Corp. as a Sales Media Consultant, soon becoming General Sales Manager. A Media veteran, constantly developing new and out of the box ideas – constantly in motion – her motto:  never settle, never stop – and always being part of the South Florida Hispanic media Evolution. 
  • Lay Leon

    Accounts Executive

    She studied Business Administrations.  Over 20 years of experience on new business development, media sales and Customer services.  worked at Telemiami, CNN Latino and MiraTV.
  • Daylis Rodriguez


    Graduate of Computer Science, with several years of experience in Accounting.
  • Maria Laria

    Journalist-On Air Personality

    Maria Laria the pioneer of the Spanish Talk-show in US and Europe, executive producer of 9,000 talk shows produced in Spain, Italy, France, Mexico and Miami, NY, LA, Chicago, and PR. Concert pianist graduated Magna Cum Laude from NEC, Harvard, and MIT in Boston.
  • Carlos Santana

    Journalist-On Air Personality

    Degree in Journalism (University of Havana) has served for 20 years as a radio reporter in Miami stations such as CMQ, La Cubanísima, Radio Mambi and Radio Fe (now La Poderosa 670).
    Before settling in Miami he exerted journalism in Cuba. During his career he has covered major historical events in different countries in Europe, Africa and Latin America ... He is a reporter for La Poderosa 670 AM and reporting general topics, but his work stands on social issues, the economy and local politics .
    During his career he has performed investigative reporting and has been sent special three Summits of the Americas, among other events.
  • Humberto Garcia

    On Air Personality-Journalist

    On air personality and journalist, graduated from the University of Zulia, Venezuela. He has made several programs for Venezuelan and international radio. His greatest passion is investigative journalism. Has worked for Exito-980, Radio Popular, Radio Calendar and NCTV Channel 11.
  • Alexis Guevara

    Sound Engineer and Producer

    Sound Engineer with over 20 years experience in the radio.
  • Rey Rios

    On-Air Personality

    Rey Rios- Graduated from Instituto Superior de Arte in Cuba, 1979. Singer and presenter, graduate of speech Radio and Television. Producer and writer, with 23 years of professional experience.
  • Rafael Gutierrez

    Journalist-On Air Personality

    Rafael Gutierrez was born on October 24, 1969, in the city of Maracaibo, Venezuela. Journalist, Master in Communication Sciences and with a Diploma in Higher Education. He has worked as a journalist in radio and television, with extensive experience in radio production and direction
  • Pierre Sterling

    IT System Engineer

    Several decades of experience in the field of Information, Technology, Resources, and Management. Graduated from the Florida Institute of Technology and the Flinders University of South Australia. He has been working at Fenix Broadcasting for more than 10 years.
  • Eduardo Rodriguez

    Communications Engineer

    Communications Engineer graduate from the University of Ascent, Texas. With over 30 years experience in the world of radio. Coordinator in the Emergency Communications Center (EOC), and the Red Cross of Miami Dade County.
  • Freddy Corea

    Sound Engineer and Producer

    His beginnings were on the radio in 1970 with Catholic Radio Nicaragua. He has worked on Union Radio 1450 AM, ESPN .Now is a member of the staff of La Poderosa and Cadena Azul.
  • Mabel Fajardo

    Europe Correspondent

    Cuban journalist. It starts at Radio Progreso and Radio Havana, in 1987 She studied Information Sciences in Spain, with experience as a reporter and editor in European media.
  • Eduardo Pierce

    Argentina Reporter

    Announcer and journalist. He reports from Buenos Aires, Argentina, to stations from America and Europe. He worked at Radio America and Radio Ten. Currently works as columnist at the historical Radio Rivadavia. He has been reporting every morning from Argentina, since 2000 in La Poderosa
  • Nestor Sclauzero

    Argentine Correspondent

    The Argentine journalist from radio and TV. university professor. He works at Radio Rivadavia in Buenos Aires. The correspondent for foreign media, he was awarded the Martìn Fierro on TV, ETHER radio prize,  winner of the scholarship of the Swiss Avina Foundation, among others.
    He drove the newscasts in America TV, Channel 26, CVN-24 Amèrica, and programs METRO TV channel of Buenos Aires.
  • Humberto Barbato

    Brasil Correspondent

    Humberto Barbato is Brazilian, economist, columnist for newspapers and Brazilian magazines. President of the Brazilian Association of The Electric & Electronics Industry and Vice President of the Federation of Industries of the State of São Paulo in Brazil.